QuickSpeech is more personal

Every company is unique and has individual needs.

Therefore, we customize the quiz app with your know-how and your corporate design.

Our team supports you actively with the editing of content, oversees you around-the-clock and prepares your employees ideally for the use of the app.

Book now and let us do the rest.

Minimal effort. Maximal success.

We create trainings by the aid of latest gamification. This enables your employees to playfully learn with one another. The aim is to motivate and to support mutuality among each other.


Our daily exercises last for less than a minute per day and train sustainably.


With QuickSpeech, you can achieve long-term success in the company with minimal learning effort.

Minimal effort

The learning effort is

below a minute per day.
Through fast senses of achievement there is no use fatigue.

Easier training

Content is conveyed trough fun exercises.

Increase the expertise of your employees

over 26%.

More motivation

Compelling, intern competition leads to higher employee-engagement. Thereby, the commitment to the company increases as well.

Complete solution

You book, we do the rest.
Together we find your solution and are there for you – 24 hours a day.

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