Use case: Sales knowledge

The challenge

  • The intervals in which new products come onto the market are getting shorter and shorter.

  • In addition, customer and product requirements are increasing enormously.

  • Service and currently trained salespeople are therefore the number 1 reason to buy.

  • Training methods that were developed three years ago no longer work today.

  • Face-to-face training or outdated e-learning courses cost a lot of time and money, have no knowledge transfer, but the most important thing:

They do not create a direct line to salespeople through which information can be controlled and motivation can be generated daily.

Training für interne Mitarbeiter &

externe Partner


The solution

QuickSpeech is your information control and motivation platform.

With QuickSpeech you are directly in touch with your salesperson and have a daily, direct line to all salespeople via the app.

The app conveys small, playful learning portions to salespeople. These last between 2-3 minutes a day and are fun due to the playful approach. QuickSpeech motivates you to be successful with playful elements such as certificates, virtual cups and prizes. That's why 75% of all sellers use the app every working day.


In addition, based on the interactions in the app, you can see what information about products is not yet known - and what you can do about it.

You get access to our very user-friendly admin dashboard, which controls the entire process.

This gives you the opportunity to send a personal message every day to everyone who sells your products.

And the best part: QuickSpeech is implemented quickly and easily.

For you that means:

On a daily basis, QuickSpeech offers you the switches and levers in knowledge that you need for the successful management of your sales.

In addition, you have a radar system for product development. The feedback that is given on specific product features can be taken directly by the product team and shows you in real time which information your customers really need outside (and which you do not yet cover).

Mobile First: You can either use the information control and motivation platform purely digitally or combine it with classroom training. On-site trainers can also be involved!

Thanks to the contact in real time, you can easily communicate promotions or discounts very quickly. Gone are the days when sales knowledge was not clearly controlled and tracked.

Let QuickSpeech benefit your sales - they deserve it!

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What our customers say:​


Tanja Klein

Customer Success Manager

Since using the QuickSpeech app, we have noticed a stronger bond with new employees who playfully repeat, consolidate and expand what they have learned. With this offer we have completed our training and further education.


Michael Hauser

HR Training-Manager

The playful, collaborative learning approach in small knowledge portions is what our trainees learn every day.

They love it!


Brigitte Nagy

Head of HR

With the help of the QuickSpeech app, our apprentices learn new bio-skills every day. In the challenges they can put what they have learned to the test. These challenge our apprentices, are fun and strengthen the team spirit!


Marie-Luise Ristic

Apprentice Officer

With the QuickSpeech app, our trainees can easily access the knowledge they need on their mobile phones every day. As a company, we can again show that learning can be fun and that we improve and improve the skills of our trainees on a daily basis.