Course series:

Sales training

Success in sales: strengthen the sales power of your employees in a playful way!

Course: Sales training for beginners

Basics in sales provide the basic tools to conduct an effective sales talk. In this sales training your employees learn how to bring the sales talk to a conclusion in a goal-oriented and structured way. Learning to sell made easy - Better Every Day.

Course: Sales training for advanced learners

This course refines the argumentation technique so that psychological patterns can be used to position sales arguments even better with customers. Bring the sales skills of your employees to a new level with simple means.

Course: Personality analysis made easy

If salespeople manage to recognise the personalities of their customers, then there is the possibility of more effective communication. This course teaches in a playful way how to adapt your own communication to that of your counterpart and how to be more convincing.

Course: Needs analysis

The first step in the sales process is the needs analysis. The more precisely the customer's needs can be questioned or discussed, the more targeted your sales staff can make their arguments. Different types of questions are crisply trained here, which get to the bottom of your customers' needs and are rounded off with sales instructions.

Course: Listening and selling

Active listening is the basis of every good sales talk. On the one hand, this is how you show your customers understanding and learn a lot about their buying motives. This course simply teaches employees new ways to sell more with active listening.

Course: Price conversation

Price discussions arise when customers are not yet convinced that the offer is a welcome solution to their problems. The benefit a product offers is more important than the price. In this course your employees will be taught how to successfully conduct a price discussion with an appropriate presentation of benefits and different price presentations.

Course: Telephone acquisition

The supreme discipline in sales is the acquisition of new customers. The challenge in today's world is to quickly build up trust with potential new customers. Because only those who win the trust of potential customers will get an appointment confirmation and the necessary attention to present their product. Your employees can achieve this with some clever methods, which are trained here.

Course: Using objections as opportunities

Objections usually relate to the scope of services or financial issues and are a sign of decision uncertainty. But the positive thing about objections is that they also signal interest and your customers want to secure their buying decisions internally. To overcome objections, your sales staff must first understand them. This is exactly what they learn in this course.

Course: Up- & Cross selling

The key words in the coming decade are Up Selling and Cross Selling. In the future, the task of salespeople will be to generate more turnover per customer. In this course, our training partners provide detailed training on strategies that your employees can use to sell both additional products and higher priced products.

Course: Psychology of selling

Every good salesperson wants to convince in a sales talk. Many salespeople try to "persuade" potential customers on the rational level with arguments. But why put undue strain on the rational level when access to the emotional level is easier and more effective? This course trains in a playful way the quick build-up to the trust level with potential customers.

Course: Retail Sales

The advisory activities of sellers are becoming increasingly intensive and negotiations more complex. Hardselling was yesterday. Relationship management and soft skills are the present and the future. Especially in retail, it has always been about making customers feel good and giving them competent advice - and this will continue to be a model of success in the future. The ability to conduct complex negotiations will be taught to your employees in this sales training for retail in a practical way.

Course: Storytelling in sales

If you can tell a good story, you will meet enthusiastic listeners everywhere. In the conference room and at events, online and offline, in conversation and at sales presentations. Use the power of good stories for the sales success of your employees. This is where participants learn how to build good stories and how to tell good stories in an exciting and memorable way.

Course: Online presentations made easy

Times have changed abruptly. While it was previously a rarity, it has now become a commonplace - the online presentation. What is important in such presentations, how convincing and inspiring are you to your audience? These are the questions we will answer vividly in this course.

Course: Buy signals and closing techniques

Customers send different verbal or non-verbal buying signals during a sales conversation. If sellers recognise these early enough, they can reach a conclusion more quickly and sustainably. In combination with simple closing techniques, the salesperson becomes more successful in closing sales processes. QuickSpeech makes selling easy!

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