Course series: Project management

From the start to the completion of the projects - these courses train your employees the necessary know-how for this!

Course: Introduction to Project Management

Sound project management training enables processes to be handled more effectively and more easily. This course is for all those of your employees who come into contact with professional project management for the first time. Basics are clearly conveyed and a general basis for project management methods is created. This course is rounded off by initial practical examples.

Course: Cycle of a project

What does a phase in the project consist of? What is a project plan? How is it adhered to and monitored? Building on the introduction to project management, project management methods are discussed in detail and project planning is also trained in detail. Project management tools with quick guarantees of success are also part of this course, which can be used directly afterwards.          

Course: Cost Management

Good calculation is more than half the battle, as it is colloquially said. Under this motto, our educational partners provide easy-to-follow practical instructions here, which deal with cost management in particular. In ongoing project controlling, it is very much a matter of recognising and exploiting new opportunities and minimising risks as early as possible. This course will save you headaches and hard cash through the methods taught!

Course: Project management simply implemented

Practice - The term that matters. This course provides simple instructions on how your employees can implement more complex processes in their everyday work using practical examples from this project management training. This reduces coordination efforts, optimises processes and makes monitoring easy. So the next project can start!

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