Course overview: Microsoft Office

Enable all your employees to easily understand Microsoft Office with our playful courses!

Course: Microsoft teams in action

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading providers in the field of online collaboration. This course gives your employees a clear introduction to the use of the software and explains, with the help of tangible practical examples, how it works and what advantages it offers - your Microsoft Teams training packaged in a playful way!

Course: Microsoft Word for beginners

This course is perfect for those who are new to Microsoft Word. Bit by bit, this Microsoft Office training course provides an introduction to the most successful text program of all time. Playful basics made tangible and secured with award-winning knowledge transfer? - QuickSpeech makes it possible!

Course: Microsoft Word for Intermediates

Have you done the basics? On we go! This course is aimed at all employees who work with Microsoft Word on a daily basis, but who only know about a small part of the possibilities the program offers them. With this Microsoft Office course, enable your employees to make their daily work processes much more efficient - your process management will be grateful!

Course: Microsoft Word for experts

From section changes to multi-page tables to labelling in serial letters: this course trains the advanced Microsoft Word functions that greatly simplify everyday work. Your employees will be able to get the most out of the program and make work processes even more efficient. Book now and benefit today!

Course: Microsoft PowerPoint for beginners

Presentations are a profitable way of communication - if they are very well prepared. With this course, you playfully pick up all employees who have little or no experience with Microsoft PowerPoint. The basics of slide management, text and image editing or presentation techniques are trained - the next presentation is already waiting.

Course: PowerPoint for Intermediates

This course is suitable for those who have basic knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint but still need help in creating their next presentation. In pleasant learning portions, in-depth knowledge of topics such as effect combinations, layer concepts and animation paths is trained here.

Course: Microsoft PowerPoint for experts

The big presentation: interested listeners, your employees in the spotlight! This course easily turns every participant into a real Microsoft PowerPoint expert! Animations and colour harmonies perfectly matched to the speed of speech, creative hierarchies and elements that are in relationship to each other. Curtain up!

Course: Microsoft Excel for beginners

Over 85% of all invoices worldwide are made in Microsoft Excel. Enable all beginners with this Microsoft Excel training course to get a pleasant introduction to the programme, which saves hours of calculating. QuickSpeech makes Microsoft Excel training a fun experience!

Course: Microsoft Excel for Intermediates

From the if function then to the Sverweis: this course is a must for all those who only have basic knowledge in the number one calculation program. Participants are guided through advanced functions in a playful manner by means of practical examples which save two things in particular in everyday work: Time and nerves.

Course: Microsoft Excel for experts

Microsoft Excel has now matured to the point where it can now do many functions that other costly calculation programs could do in the past. This Microsoft Office training course guides playfully through extensive functions such as the scenario manager, formula monitoring or the query of external data by Microsoft Query. Book now and simplify calculation paths in the long term!   

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