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Cyber Security

Enlightened on the net: These courses playfully lead to more awareness on the Internet. Book now and learn from our experts!

Course: DSGVO application knowledge

This course brings light into the DSGVO dark. By means of playful practical examples, your employees' rights and duties are made tangible. From A as in contract processor to Z as in admissibility of data processing - QuickSpeech brings the DSGVO to life in everyone's heads in everyday working life.

Course: Security in Cyberspace

From phishing to malware to pharming - QuickSpeech provides practical and lively information in this Cyber Security Training. This course is aimed at everyone who has to deal with computers at work. Always updated with new topics - a course that will save you money.

Course: Cyber Security and coping with current threats

The one millionth page visitor and only one click away from big money? Very slowly. In this course, our educational partners teach in a playful way what fraud risks there are on the net and which measures are simple but very effective to protect against them - so that fraudulent activities cannot even occur.

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