Use case: Franchise

The challenge

  • The larger the franchise system, the greater the coordination effort to ensure that the knowledge transfer works according to the franchise manual.

  • The obligation to provide evidence of the transfer of knowledge between the franchisor and the franchisee is therefore a major challenge.

  • Full franchise manuals don't make things any easier.

  • For success in contact with customers, it is of the greatest importance that employees of the franchisee can actually apply the knowledge of the franchisor.

In addition, there is the effort to digitize existing documents.

This results in an enormous inefficient coordination effort that costs a lot of time and money.

The solution

This is where knowledge management through QuickSpeech comes into play. The app-based software conveys knowledge of the franchise manual easily and fully automatically.

The QuickSpeech app is issued to franchisees and their employees. The app informs and imparts knowledge in small, playful portions every day.

The associated administration tool, the admin dashboard, is issued to the franchisee and the franchisor.


Manuals, instructions and instructions can be assigned and changed if necessary via the admin dashboard - and everything is tracked.

QuickSpeech is the playful, multi-level information control and motivation platform that reminds and instructs in a straightforward and fully automated manner.

The results: Seamless, multi-level communication and clear knowledge management - the automated know-how documentation.

For you that means

More time for the business itself.


And the best part: the app is a real employee favorite!


QuickSpeech is used by 75% of users every working day.

This is because users can also score points through short daily learning. These points can be accompanied by trophies, confetti and also knowledge championships.

Sie erhalten ein einfaches und mehrstufiges Tracking-System, das Ihnen genau anzeigt, welche Schulungen wann wo für Franchise-Nehmer und deren Mitarbeiter anstehen. Diese werden erinnert und die Absolvierungen werden zertifiziert. Ganz nebenbei bieten Sie Ihren Franchise-Nehmern auch ein Tool, das die Einarbeitung ihrer neuen Mitarbeitenden beschleunigt.

Die gemessene Zeitersparnis durch QuickSpeech liegt bei 34%. Kein manuelles Nachlaufen wegen unübersichtlicher Unterweisungen mehr. Stattdessen liefert Ihnen QuickSpeech 26% Wissenszuwachs. 

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What our customers say:​


Tanja Klein

Customer Success Manager

Since using the QuickSpeech app, we have noticed a stronger bond with new employees who playfully repeat, consolidate and expand what they have learned. With this offer we have completed our training and further education.


Michael Hauser

HR Training-Manager

The playful, collaborative learning approach in small knowledge portions is what our trainees learn every day.

They love it!


Brigitte Nagy

Head of HR

With the help of the QuickSpeech app, our apprentices learn new bio-skills every day. In the challenges they can put what they have learned to the test. These challenge our apprentices, are fun and strengthen the team spirit!


Marie-Luise Ristic

Apprentice Officer

With the QuickSpeech app, our trainees can easily access the knowledge they need on their mobile phones every day. As a company, we can again show that learning can be fun and that we improve and improve the skills of our trainees on a daily basis.