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QuickSpeech offers you and your employees a multi-award-winning tool that can help you address the issues that affect your business and playfully strengthen your employees' commitment to your company.


Our learning tool is used by companies in a wide range of industries and is internationally appreciated by workforces.

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Together with us, you can individually adapt all learning contents to the needs of your company. Expand the professional horizons of your employees in a playful way - together and without any pressure.


Our mission: maximum efficiency for the training of your employees.

Limitless fields of application


Entry-level information

Corporate trainings

Job rotation

Evaluation tool

Product trainings

Product enrollments

Product details

Audit preparation

Strengthening employee retention

Knowledge Transfer

Accompaniment of classroom trainings
Service Guidelines
Health and safety at work
Knowledge checks

Employee training

Apprentice training


Junior management trainings

Foreign language trainings

Application example:

Apprenticeship training


With more than 125,000 apprentices in Austria, the importance of modern apprenticeship training cannot be emphasised enough.

With a constantly decreasing attention span, knowledge contents which can be imparted quickly and playful elements are therefore crucial to win over young people in the long term.


In times of smartphone and social media digital learning is the best means for this. Not relying on mobile solutions in education can be alienating for young people. The mobile QuickSpeech app enables companies to convey information quickly and efficiently.

Better Every Day.

Application example:


The first impression is crucial for successful cooperation. The initial period in the company is therefore one of the most decisive phases in the long-term retention of an employee.


Studies show that well-structured onboarding leads to much higher employee retention. If the onboarding is efficient, 91 percent of newly hired employees stay on for the first year. With inefficient onboarding, however, around 70 percent leave the company within a year.


QuickSpeech makes every entry easier, more efficient and the entire onboarding process more structured. Learning on the job and getting to know colleagues are no longer obstacles.

Better Every Day.

Application example:

Knowledge transfer

What should be considered when dealing with customers? How can experienced and less experienced employees perform their tasks efficiently? The employees of a company continuously gain and develop experience in work processes. To ensure that this valuable knowledge is not lost, an e-learning strategy is needed that ensures that it can be passed on at any time and any place.



With QuickSpeech, you can guarantee company-specific knowledge transfer without loss and increase the expertise of your employees by more than 26%.

Away from pure classroom training, towards maximum learning success via digital knowledge transfer.

Better Every Day.

Application example.

Language learning

Employees whose native language is German have a vocabulary of up to 20,000 words. For foreign languages, however, this is much lower: on average, only 850 English words are known to them.


Use QuickSpeech to expand the company-specific vocabulary of your employees in foreign languages with tailor-made technical terms. In this way the company-relevant knowledge level of your employees is increased by more than 17%.


Away from cumbersome grammar apps, towards maximum learning success without user fatigue.

Better Every Day.

What our customers say​

Paul Heckermann


One of our company goals is to increase the joy of learning of our participants. With QuickSpeech we have found a professional partner for this.

Michael Hauser

HR Training-Manager

The playful, collaborative learning approach in small knowledge portions is what our trainees learn every day.

They love it!

Brigitte Nagy

Head of HR

With the help of the QuickSpeech app, our apprentices learn new bio-skills every day. In the challenges they can put what they have learned to the test. These challenge our apprentices, are fun and strengthen the team spirit!

Georg Büchner


QuickSpeech turns our store employees with small portions of knowledge easily into daily learners!

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