Data privacy policy

Privacy policy for the use of QuickSpeech products

The QuickSpeech products, which appear as three products - one in the App Store, one in the Google Play Store and one in the form of the Admin Dashboard on the Web, are programs of QuickSpeech e.U. (hereinafter referred to as QuickSpeech), Steinbruchstraße 5, 3004 Riederberg, Austria. The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform users about how their data will be processed and how their data will be shared with others. QuickSpeech treats all data with the utmost care. We do everything necessary to ensure the security of this data. The general terms and conditions are supplemented by this privacy policy. If you have any questions regarding this statement, please feel free to contact


1. What data is stored?

1.a.      Personal data


When you log in to the QuickSpeech app, we collect your chosen username and e-mail address, which is required by the user to restore the user password. In the course of using the app, the progress of points and the intensity of use are recorded and saved. Further information about you can be obtained via any communication channels such as our website or via written communication channels through which you contact us - digital and physical.


The following data is accessible to other users of the QuickSpeech app: your position in the ranking list including your score progress and your profile picture, but only if:

you are ranked among the top 3 in the ranking,

Or you are the next best user or the second next best user of the person who calls the ranking function in the QuickSpeech app.


Furthermore, your data as well as your game progress - the average points achieved - will be made available to others in so far as other players can use the statistics option in the QuickSpeech app to get an overview of their performance curves compared to the average of all users in the company. Here the point progress of all users is added up and graphically displayed as an average value.


QuickSpeech offers its customers the product Admin Dashboard, through which customers can view the user behavior of their users (if desired and clarified internally at the customer). Customers who wish to view the progress of their users via the admin dashboard can view the entire ranking list of their users as well as the progress of the game, if desired by the customer. If this is not desired, the complete access to the admin dashboard can be deactivated.


Furthermore, voluntary information provided by you in the course of communication with QuickSpeech, which concerns you and is also available to other users, can be requested for deletion by sending an e-mail to if required.


1.b.      Files related to the login process


When QuickSpeech products are opened, user access data is recorded and stored using the server log, a log file. The following data is stored in this log file:


Device ID of the device and any specific information regarding the IP number of the terminal using the device

Username of each user

Points progress (including time progress component and points development in the course of app usage)

Number of QuickSpeech app calls

E-mail (to recover the username and/or password from the user if the username or password is forgotten)


The reasons why this data is stored are explained in detail in point 1.d.. Furthermore, we need you in order to continuously improve our QuickSpeech products and to eliminate possible sources of error.


1.c.      External Other Providers


We use third-party services to improve our services, to actively market our products through advertising, to monitor our website for any disfunctionality, and to continuously improve performance. These may change over time. For the sake of better legibility, we have listed at the end of the data protection declaration under point 10 which external provider we use for the aforementioned reasons.


1.d.      Login-related results


QuickSpeech issues anonymous premium licenses (only if explicitly requested by the respective customer, these can also be given out with real names) to customers. These can then be distributed by the customer to his users. It is up to the customer to decide whether the premium licenses should remain anonymous or whether they should be named internally. 


Because the QuickSpeech app gives users the ability to repeat and practice content they have been confronted with during the course of the game, usage data regarding content already handled - both correctly and incorrectly assigned by the user - is stored to be practiced in the game modes Training Area and Heavy Content. This data is reproduced in the QuickSpeech app for customers who have access to the admin dashboard, along with other data that provides information about the user's progress in the game, as described in section 1.a.


All data of the users of the respective customer are stored in order to provide the customer, who acquires temporary or unlimited (subscription model) user licenses from QuickSpeech for his staff, with information about the learning progress of the individual users. As described in point 1.a., this can also be deactivated on request. 


In order to prevent the data of QuickSpeech product users from being stored, users can also object by sending an e-mail to


1.e.      The QuickSpeech products

The QuickSpeech apps are available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. That's why we use the users of the stores in which the apps are listed to pursue the goal of possible bug fixes and continuous improvement of our apps' use-related data. This allows us to find out how our apps are used and when, why, and how our apps crash or don't work. This allows us to draw conclusions and use them to improve our apps. In this regard, users can obtain further information at and


Furthermore, we offer our customers the aforementioned admin dashboard, which functions as a web tool. This access can be deactivated as described in point 1.a.. 

1.f.      Customer data


A separate customer file is created for each customer who purchases QuickSpeech products for his company for his users. The number of users as well as all other data recorded in this document is assigned to this file in addition to an internal naming.


2. Why is data stored?

Data will be stored, collected, processed and used in order to expand and improve the QuickSpeech service and to be used as described in point 1.d. 


Furthermore, data is to be stored so that during and after the usage phase it can be graphically displayed for the respective company, which uses QuickSpeech's services for a fee for its staff, in order to demonstrate the improvement of the staff's expertise through the QuickSpeech app. As described in point 1.a., this feature, which is part of the Admin Dashboard, can be disabled.


3. Data transmission


QuickSpeech does not pass on the generated data to third parties unless required by law. It is also possible that data may be passed on to third parties, provided that this is permitted by a legal basis and the data is necessary for the performance of contractually stipulated obligations in relation to our customers. 


4. Facebook plugins


Through the website client (see point 10 for more details), we are able to provide our website with a Facebook plugin from the company ( Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA, which forwards users who click on the plugin to our social media presence page ( When you click on the plugin button on our website, your Internet browser connects to Facebook's servers. Thus, content that is called up due to the plugin is sent directly from Facebook to your browser, which integrates it into the website. By clicking on the plugin, Facebook receives the information that our website has been accessed. If you are already actively logged in to Facebook on your end device, your user will be assigned to your Facebook account and your visit will be assigned to it as well.


You can read information regarding the determination of your data as well as the further processing and utilization by means of Facebook and the rights to which you are entitled as well as regulation settings of your privacy at the following URL: In the event that you do not want Facebook to determine personal data with regard to QuickSpeech, you must log out of Facebook before clicking on the Facebook plug-in on your terminal device. You can also use add-ons to deactivate the Facebook Social Plugin in your browser.


5. Data regarding financial transactions


All data collected in the course of QuickSpeech's business transactions in connection with payment transactions will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties (except legal authorities).


6. Minors


If a user of the QuickSpeech products is not yet of legal age, the consent of a parent or guardian of those users who are not yet of legal age is required. In this regard, we are permitted to delete all data relating to the user, insofar as this data is not considered to be of legal age and no parental declarations of consent are available for use.


7. Data security


We use safety precautions which are commonly used in industry. This is to prevent any changes, misuse or theft of the data. However, we would like to point out that new malware and viruses constantly contribute to the fact that absolute data protection on our part cannot be guaranteed. However, any attempt to attack the data stored by QuickSpeech will be prosecuted under criminal and civil law and users will be informed of any unusual activities concerning their data.


8. correction, disclosure and deletion of data


8.a.    Right of rectification


Users are able to correct their data. If this is the case, previous data will be overwritten and deleted. Also data can be changed either in the QuickSpeech products - here a self formulated request for processing of the data is not necessary. Otherwise, users have the option of contacting to arrange for any data to be changed. Furthermore, users have the constant right to demand the correction of erroneous data.


8.b.      Right to information


Every person who uses the QuickSpeech products is granted the free right to be informed about the data collected by QuickSpeech. If users do not send their requests for information to QuickSpeech by post, the postal address of the user must be indicated by telephone or e-mail. In order to avoid misuse of information, the applicant must provide the following personal details when requesting information about his/her data: first name, surname, e-mail address, date of birth and postal address. If all these parameters are met, the information is sent to the applicant by post.


8.c.      Right to cancellation


It is possible for users to have their data relating to their persons deleted, modified or improved with the aim of rectification or general cancellation. This request must be made by e-mail or by post. In order for the request to be valid, it must contain the following data: first name, surname, e-mail address and postal address.


It should be noted that any data deleted from our systems, and therefore no longer present in our systems, may still be found by proxy servers, caching systems, search engines or others.


9. Contact


We are ready at any time to be at your disposal, subject to compliance with the requirements set out in this document regarding the processing and storage of personal data. If you have any questions that this statement should not answer, please do not hesitate to contact us at:




QuickSpeech e.U., Steinbruchstraße 5, 3004 Riederberg, Austria


10. Third-party providers


As already announced in point 1.c. and point 4. below you will find a list of third-party partners which we use to make the QuickSpeech experience possible: (Website maintenance, ) (Public Relations, ) (push notifications, (password recovery, (App Store, ) (Google Play Store, )